S&L Story

At S&L we believe in people. Whether it’s helping create great communities or launch successful careers, we exist to enhance lives. If you want to join a team that’s always pioneering, get in touch.

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Whether your project is large or small, you need a team that can proactively design and manage your project to ensure your success.


Janene Cowles

Janene is passionate about everything we do at S&L, and focussed on delivering success on your land development and design project. She is enormously proud of the talented team and our track record of more than 50 years of satisfied clients.

Your Client Principals

Grant Cowles, Steven Farrant

Nick Fu and Paul Howard (below)

With a wealth of Land Development and Design experience our Client Principals know everything there is to know about maximizing your land. Firm believers that relationships are the key to success, our master of Project Management will work with you to choose the right experts for your project, from within S&L and the top-level industry specialists we partner with.

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Your Project Managers

Our Project Managers will be key points of contact with you throughout your projects at the level you need. Whether you need us to fully project manage your project or complete parts of the project in coordination with other professionals, we’ll do everything to ensure your projects runs smoothly.

Your Project Team

Your friendly and professional Project Team is driven to deliver the best results for you, under the supervision of our Project Managers. They are flexible and can work onsite for you or in the S&L office, offering a full range of services – depending on the needs of your project. When you choose S&L, your Project Team will work hard to ensure that you will receive a quality service and end product, every time.

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As a group we commit to:

  • Being responsive
  • Listening to your project needs
  • Working with you to agree to a project schedule, start and completion dates
  • Providing regular updates
  • Producing a high quality end product for you

Your Office Manager

Vanessa Coster

Vanessa leads our business support team, handling all of your project, and our company’s administration communications. She also leads our company’s internal improvement initiatives and welcomes feedback regarding your projects at any time.