For over 50 years, our story has been intertwined with the growth and development of the Bay of Plenty and beyond. 

First as Shrimpton & Lipinski Limited, then as S&L Consultants Limited and now as Shrimpton & Lipinski Limited Partnership.  Our constant which we are very proud of is, is that we are known by you as “S&L”.  We are also proud to have returned to our heritage and have brought back into our name what “S&L” stands for. This being “Shrimpton & Lipinski”.  This is a salute to those before us. For the present, we accept the significant responsibility to uphold the S&L legacy which is helping shape this great region that you and we call home.

History is full of pioneers – those with the foresight to create communities that stand the test of time. The ones with enough vision to lay the foundations to a better future.

Founded in 1963, the Bay of Plenty’s original Land Development and Design Specialists have been creating communities that stand the test of time for over 50 years.

From the first kiwifruit orchard conversions, to the first residential lifestyle blocks in the region, we have continued to break new ground and pave the way for successful developments to follow.

Over the years we’ve extended our boundaries beyond the Bay, while forging long-term relationships with clients and our Team, based on trust, transparency and authentic family values.

As a locally owned company, we take pride in seeing the thriving communities we’ve helped create, and look forward to helping design the future we will all live in.
S&L is more than a company name – it’s a mark of quality. It’s the ‘&‘ in our logo, which reflects our focus on lasting partnerships, and the infinity symbol represents that we have been there all along, and always will be, at the forefront of tomorrow.